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Math Laboratory operates since December 2009. It is situated in a room at the building of Model Experimental Schools of Heraklion. This room is specially equiped and organized, so as innovative school activities in Mathematics to be promoted.

Every activity has been designed carefully before it is applied, in most cases by two or more Math Teachers. The goal is students to be tought how to investigate, make inquiries, or to form generalizations. But mainly, to communicate with each other and to rejoice through the learning procedure.

This web site was created because of the need we, all Math Teachers at Model Experimental Schools of Heraklion, felt for sharing with the rest of Educational Community our experiences and our ideas and to get the desirable feed back from it. It also addresses to the whole Student Community, with the hope that it will find interesting the activities we propose.

The Math Teachers
of Model Experimental Schools of Heraklion

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On the traces of Great Mathematicians

Interactive timeline for Mathematics
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Antikythera Mechanism

Mechanics - Astronomy - History
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